Welcome to “the list”

@ Pt Lobos SP
Point Lobos SP

Welcome to “the list”

My wife and I like to take road trips with friends of ours, another couple like us – one a rabid avid bird photographer and the other the supportive spouse who loves to be outside, watch the birds and watch our spouses in their excitement photographing birds like two kids in a candy store 😉  We’re also intensely curious 🙂 “The list” came about during one of these road trips.  As we’re driving though the more rural parts of California and Oregon we see all sorts of things that peak our curiosity.  Being the compulsive googler that I am every time something sparks my interest, I offer to find the answer to these questions.  Thus – “the list”.

Each blog post will answer one question in the list based on my findings.  Feel free to comment, add information or correct my answer if you happen to be an expert on the subject of the question.  I’m also happy to add your questions to the list for future blog posts.  Enjoy!!


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