Me & Buddhaย  Professionally, I manage the ISO 9001 / TL 9000 program for Cisco Engineering.ย  I’ve worked in the tech industry for more than 25 years consulting, training, andย  managing large cross-funtional global teams.ย  My professional expertise includes software and process engineering, program management professional (PMP), business strategy, certified quality auditor (CQA) and certified scrum master (CSM).ย  I also have a masters in business administration (MBA).

Personally, I’ve been married 10 years to the love of my life (22 years together) and I have an 26 year old step-daughter. I live in San Jose but I originally hail from New England. I’m a born and bred Connecticut Yankee transplanted to the mecca of high tech here in Silicon Valley.

I have more hobbies and interests than I have time to pursue them but I can honestly say I’ll never have reason to be bored ;-).ย  I’m currently learning classical guitar, the piano and singing in the Mission College Chorus.ย  I love woodworking, reading, martial arts, cooking, spiritual study, and riding my bike. I also love walking, hiking, doing projects, learning languages, learning about history and other cultures and listening to people’s stories.ย  You might say from the point of view of interests that I’m either very well rounded or a bit schizophrenic ;-).

Most of all I love my family, my friends and my cats.ย  I’m blessed to call some of the best people in the world (human, feline and canine ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) the people I love most.


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